Eat healthy, be physically active and live well.

Replace bad habits with new healthier ones.


Nutrition Counselling Physical Activity
- Disease management
- Setting Goals...
- Types of exercise and their benefits
- Calculate your targeted heart rate
- Be physically active...

Weight Loss Management Meal Planning
- For group or individual
- Achieve your goals
- Re-educate your eating habits
- Lose weight and never gain it back.....
- Get 7 days nutritiously balanced meal plan.....

Sensible Weight Loss Club
- 10 Weeks 2 hrs group education
- Meet new friends
- Get encouraged by team members
- Learn to cook healthy nutritious meals
- Hands on cooking ....

Corporate Lunch and Learn Sessions:

Nutrition education at workplace, church group and other faith-based organizations, supper group, men or women organization, school, business or social group.

Choose your topic.

Grocery Store Tours:

Nutrition Label Reading
Tour the grocery store and shop wisely
Make Healthy Choices

Nutrition Analysis - For food production industries:

Recipe analysis
Nutrition claim
Nutrition fact table development
Ingredient listing development...



Role of a Dietitian

A Registered Dietitian (RD) is a health professional who has university education and will provide you with a comprehensive nutrition advice on, food and healthy eating choices and practices that will help you look good and feel great.


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